Sun catchers

What you need:

Paper plates (2 per sun catcher)


Sticky back plastic

Flowers, shoots and leaves from the garden or a nature walk

Hole punch / ( or a sharp pencil could do a similar job)


Wooden letters (optional)

What to do:

Step 1. Collect a range of natural items - leaves, flowers, shoots, grasses, light twigs, feathers - whatever you can find - from the garden and ensure that they are not wet from rain or dew drops. (Dry with a paper towel if necessary)

Step 2. Take a paper plate and, using the scissors, cut the middle out of it to leave only the outer edge (ours edging is corrugated/bumpy)

Step 3. Cut a length of sticky back plastic that is wide enough to cover the hole and stick to the outside edge of the plate that you have in your hands. (as if you are repairing the plate with sticky back plastic) When you place the plate on a table, the sticky side should be facing upwards.

You will now have a sticky back, suncatcher window on which to stick your nature finds.

Step 4. Arrange your nature finds on to the sticky back plastic window

Repeat Steps 2. and 3. to create another suncatcher window

Step 5. Align the two suncatcher windows so that their sticky sides are facing each other. the press the suncatcher windows together.

Step 6. (optional) Stick wooden letters to spell out your chosen word or phrase on to the edge of the plate. We chose " S P R I N G "

Step 7. Make a hole in the top of your suncatcher and thread a string through.

Step 8. Display in a nice bright spot and watch it catch the sunlight throughout the day.

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