Nature Crowns & Bracelets

Here's your alternative Easter Bonnet that's made of spring times' finest natural finds.

NATURE CROWNS and BRACELETS are the perfect way to celebrate springtime and the meaning of Easter - new life! They open up lovely conversations with your little ones about nature and new life as well as stimulate some wonderful imaginative play.

What you need:

Masking tape

Nature finds

What to do:

Two lengths of masking tape. (One long enough to go around your wrist, the other long enough to go around your head.)

Go outside and collect shoots, leaves, flowers, feathers, whatever you can find that is light enough to stick to the tape. We kept ours simple to show that you don't need much to rustle up something beautiful. We used daffodil petals and leaves, hyacinth petals and a few feathers. Another beautiful thing about these is that all ages can have a go!

What we learn:

To explore and use different media and materials from the world around us

To develop our fine motor skills

To understand the world around us

To speak and listen in a range of situations and to develop our understanding

To use our imaginations

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