Clay Impressions

Today we were super excited to make clay impressions of some lovely nature finds from our garden! So much fun and so much learning took place during this super simple outdoor activity!

What you need:

Air-drying clay (white)

Nature finds from the garden - flowers, leaves, twigs, cones - the more prominent their shape and pattern the better.


What to do:

Take a small ball of clay (roughly the size of a conker)

Squash the clay gently between the palms of your hands, so that it makes a fat, flat shape.

Place the clay on a flat surface

Take your leaf, flower or other interestingly shaped natural object, and press it into the clay firmly.

Peel away your natural object to reveal an impression in the clay.

At the top of your clay, about 4mm away from the edge, make a hole through which to thread the string.

Tie a knot in the string, hang to dry and admire!

A lovely keepsake of springtime activities or a lovely gift for someone to hang as ornaments around the house or garden.

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