Leaf Mural

What you need:

Leaves of assorted shapes, colours and sizes

Sticky back plastic (roughly 1.2 metres in length)

Some little people keen to get stuck in!

What to do:

Collect an assortment of different leaves from your garden or from a nature walk.

Fix the sticky back plastic to your hut counter by wrapping the excess to itself around the wooden posts at each end.

Ensure the sticky side is facing the way you want to place the leaves.

Stick the leaves to the plastic in any way that you like.

Let them PLAY!

SIDENOTE: We used only leaves for this mural, but you can stick anything you like to yours (as long as it's light enough.) Feathers, long grasses, seeds and flower petals are good alternative finds that you could use.

When you've finished your mural, you can also encapsulate your leaves using another length of sticky back plastic . This will preserve your design for longer, but also means that when you take it down, you can cut out the individual leaves and use them in other activities.

What we learn:

We develop our fine motor skills

We practise colour, leaf and tree recognition

We explore textures

We practise counting and organising

We encourage language development as well as negotiation and communication skills

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