"Dig dig" land

What you need:

5 trucks of assorted shapes, sizes and functionality

a crane / roller / tractor / digger / dumper truck

5 different materials

i) fake snow using cornflour and shaving foam

ii) fake snow using bicarbonate of soda and conditioner

iii) rice cereal

iv) chunky sea salt

v) fine table salt

Add a few toddlers to the mix and hey presto...

Some of the trucks lined up ready for work at Dig Dig Land

What to do:

To the make the fake snow (i) Pour one cup of cornflour into a bowl and mix in shaving cream slowly until you get the consistency of snow that you'd like.

To the make the fake snow (ii) Mix 2 1/2 cups of bicarbonate of soda with 1/2 cup of white conditioner. Again, mix it together slowly to get the consistency that you like.

Put the other remaining ingredients into bowls and/or containers (we used different shaped boxes from the recycling to

it all out and let them PLAY!

What we learn:

We develop our fine motor skills

We explore textures

We practise counting and organising

We encourage language development and new vocabulary

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