Painting like Picasso

What you need:

Yoghurt (We used Greek yoghurt because it was white and thick in consistency)

Food colouring (primary colours red/ yellow/ blue and green thrown in for good measure)

Tooth picks


Paint brushes (we used quite thick headed diy brushes, but you can use any size brush)

Cellophane (this will be your canvas)

Double sided sticky tape

What to do:

Spoon a few dollops of yoghurt into each pot

Mix in a few drops of food colouring to each pot of yoghurt and stir in with the toothpicks

Attach a piece of sticky tape to either end of your cellophane canvas

Place your cellophane across your chosen area to make your canvas (we use the counter of our Muddy Kitchen)

Put out your pots of yoghurt paint and brushes and...

Let them PLAY!

What we learn:

We develop our fine motor skills

We explore textures and colours

We use different media and materials

We develop our vocabulary and self confidence

We use our imaginations

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