Christmas Tree

"Oh Christmas Tree!"

What you need

1 large pine cone

Plastic cup

Green paint

Shiny ribbon

Pipe cleaners

Star stickers

What to do

Paint your pine cone with green paint and leave to dry

Once dry you're ready to decorate!

To create a base for your tree, cut the base half off a plastic cup and then turn the remaining half cup upside down on a flat surface (see image)

Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap about the cone in a spiral (like you would decorate insel around the tree)

Cut the pipe cleaners into 3cm lengths and then fold in half.

Fix the bent pipe cleaners into the creases of the pine cone by firmly pushing them into the gaps.

Stick a star to the top to finish!

And ta-dah!

What they learn

Fine motor skills

Exploring different materials and textures

Making links to the wider world

Using imaginations

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